The Conscious Closet Pre-Orders Are Open!

Conscious Closet Cover - 72.jpg

I’m SO excited to officially announce the forthcoming release of my new book and its gorgeous cover! Called The Conscious Closet: The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good, this 300-page guide is the commonsense and affordable approach to sustainable and ethical style you’ve been looking for! It’s based on fresh research, interviews, and my own personal experiences getting off the fast fashion treadmill. In it, I reveal how to pare down your closet; swap, resell, or recycle what you don't love; seek out ethical and sustainable brands; green your laundry routine; learn easy and fun mending techniques; and affordably buy, thrift, or rent the ethical wardrobe of your dreams. Whether your goal is to build an effortless capsule wardrobe, keep up with trends, buy quality, seek out ethical brands, or all of the above, this is the book for you. The book is out in August, but you can go ahead and pre-order it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!